November 2020

Yup, it's me again. Life's been okay in military camp, but honestly it all feels like a waste of time. When we get to go home on the weekends, I try my best to work on some projects, but the limited time and fatigue always catches up to me. Too little time and so much I want to do. Not having my laptop is especially annoying, since I can't really do much on my phone. Countless times I've instinctively places down my phone to reach for my laptop only to realise it's back at home, and that I'm not getting a bigger display than my puny phone one.

But I've said all that in the previous update already. What's new? What have I been up to? My free time (read: when I don't have to follow instructions from my superiors) has been mostly split amongst hanging out with family and friends and working on some projects.

The first would be a financial tracking tool for my personal use. I like to track all of the transactions I make, from spending on food and entertainment to even small transfers between bank accounts and wallets. So far, Beancount has been my tool of choice, but I felt like I would be able to do one better. My framework of choice was (regrettably) SwiftUI's new multi-platform app, which of course led to much frustration at the lack of good documentation and tutorials. I eventually put the project on hold, since SwiftUI is just too immature for now. Will be getting back to it sometime in the future.

The other is Zuko, a lisp-based toy programming language I'm building out. This project first started out in January, but I put it on pause one month in to focus on my work at Taskade. Getting back into the codebase a few days ago, I was actually rather surprised to find that I had already built out most of the language, and that it only had a few more features to go before being ready for release.

I graduate from Basic Military Training in a few days, and about two weeks from now I'll be receiving my posting, which determines which unit within the military I'll be serving in for the next 20 months. I'm nervous but excited to find out what's in store for me, but excited to finally be done with the first phase of my National Service. Knowing my posting will also greatly expand my planning horizon, since I can decide if I have the time to pursue other goals, like obtaining my driving license and applying to overseas college.

Well, that's all for this month. I'm still looking for good ways to spend my free time in camp both for now and in the future, but overall I think my routine both in and out has improved and will continue so. It's only a month until the end of 2020, so let's push on and close out this year on a good note!