March 2020

So things got batshit crazy this month with COVID-19 in the other countries. This outbreak is definitely going down in the history books. So many countries are on lockdown now and the number of cases in Italy and US have surpassed China. Looking back at my update from the previous month, I can tell that I didn't expect that things would reach anywhere close to this scale.

I've pretty much settled in into the work-from-home lifestyle, spending most of my day working at my computer, reading, working out and eating. It's not the best lifestyle — my desk is right next to my bed, so I'm effectively waking up and going straight to work — but I'm content with this for now. There are many others who have it worse.

On the bright side, I just got news that I've been nominated by my school for the Lee Kuan Yew Award. The interview is tomorrow. It's quite a prestigious award, so I'm quite nervous and excited at the same time. Hopefully I'll be at my best during the interview.

A look back at the previous month,

  • Hopefully we'll get started on our first major project over at Triomic. We're still in negotiations with the client but I'm itching to get started. Will maybe also start an engineering blog. Unfortunately this didn't work out and the project fell through. We might have another one coming up though, so perhaps there's still a chance to work on an engineering blog.
  • Find the motivation to commit to taking driving lessons to finally obtain my driving license. Yeah, well, that's probably not going to happen anymore.

In other news,

  • My friends are all back in Singapore. Although some of them aren't back by choice, when this blows over, I'll be able to meet them in person again!
  • Got a pull-up bar installed in my house! I've been wanting this for a while to start training up my upper-body strength to improve at climbing. Still can't even do one yet though :(
  • Completed a 30-day 100 pushups challenge!
  • Read the books Dune and Masters of Doom. Recreational reads more than insightful ones.

Looking towards the future,

  • Start up and follow-through on a useful side project. I've been really frustrated the lack of polish and bloated nature of tools like Evernote and LINER and I have some ideas to improve them.
  • Catch up with more friends through video calls. I figured I might as well take advantage of the normalisation of video calling and use that as an excuse to "meet" my friends again.

Well, I hope the whole situation does get better in April. I may be a stereotypical programmer but I do enjoy going out and commuting every now and then.