July 2020

With circuit breaker being lifted, I spent a lot of time out and about. I caught up with many of my friends, spent some time at the office and climbed a bunch. While there were ups and downs, I can say that I'm in a much happier position than June. Guess I wasn't as much of an introvert as I thought?

I'll keep this month's update short, since I don't think there's really much to discuss. I didn't make any meaningful progression towards any of my goals, instead spending a lot of time watching videos, gaming and going out. I'm quite disappointed on this front.

What I've been up to

There hasn't been much going on this month. I did do some reading, which I suppose was the most exciting parts of the month?

  • Read the entire Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy and got my mind blown to pieces. It was seriously awesome. My favourite out of the three was Death's End, but I definitely recommend reading the entire series!
  • Wrapped up my work at Taskade and did the relevant handovers. It's been the longest job I've had so far (~8 months), and I feel rather sad to be leaving. I'll be writing a reflection on it soon, to take stock of what I've learnt and why I'm grateful to have worked at Taskade.
  • I stopped my journalling habit for a good chunk of the month, as I felt that I wasn't writing anything useful and instead just repeating myself every day.

Where I intend to head

I'll be spending this month and the next preparing for my conscription at the end of September. I'll be taking stock of my projects, handing over what I can to others and making preparations for my major projects outside of my National Service, like university applications and investing the cash I've earned.

I think it'll be fun! I don't think I'll be putting too much pressure on myself these two months. I really just want to enjoy myself before the rigour of life as a soldier gets to me.

Here's to an relaxing month ahead!