December 2020

And we've reached the end of 2020! I still can't believe how I managed to keep up these monthly updates for the entire year. This final month's update will be a short one, since I'll be publishing a 2020 review separately.

The highlight of this month would definitely be the release of Zuko, a Lisp-like programming language I first started in February and finished during my week-long block leave. I'm super happy with how it turned out, and will be looking towards improving it or building a new language soon!

Besides that, I've completed my Basic Military Training and received my posting, which tells me which unit I've been assigned to, to serve out the remaining 19 months of National Service. I'm now a supply supervisor trainee, training to oversee equipment stores and supplies within the military in the future. While it wasn't the best posting I could hope for, it could've been much worse. I'll get to pick up valuable skills and knowledge in logistics and also gain experience leading some men.

I have also kept up the habit of climbing once a week, using the sessions to catch up with my friends and maintain the strength in my arms and back.

I'll be posting a reflection on 2020 soon, so look out for that!