August 2020

The past month went by in a flash. Most of my newfound free time has been spent on watching shows, playing games and eating out. While this is what I allowed myself to do (given that I'll be enlisting soon), all this unfettered consumption is starting to feel pretty empty. With no goal to work towards, I feel exhausted. I don't want to spend September the same way.

On the bright side, I've seen some improvement in my bouldering technique and strength. While I'm still only climbing at only V2 grade-wise, I feel much more comfortable gripping smaller holds and doing more dynamic movements. I'm also much stronger now and perhaps more mobile than before, which I'm really happy about. I also started to record myself in a few sessions, maybe I'll feel confident enough to post something soon!

What I've been up to

Again, nothing much :(

  • I started a few small projects, one collaborative and the other on my own. We've made some good progress, but I think we'll definitely need a big push to get the projects over the finish line.
  • Drafted a reflection on my time at Taskade, which I don't really feel confident of publishing yet. I'll try my best to get it out sometime this month.
  • By now, I've completely broken my journalling habit. I think that it'll be helpful to start again as I approach National Service. The introspection will undoubtedly lead to more mental strength, which I'll surely require in abundance for the next year or two.

Where I intend to head

I'm now left with less than a month before I lose my freedom to choose what to do. The question has shifted from whether I'll be able to work on something to whether I'll even be in time to finish it. I have two options now: to continue my current lifestyle, or to push myself hard towards finishing a few projects.

With my current mental state, I'm leaning towards the latter. I want to enter National Service raring to go, exhausted but satisfied with how I spent my last month. My aim would be to accomplish more than this month, which honestly isn't hard to achieve.